How to Make Learning Fun with Playdoh

Playdoh. Colorful, fun, sticky, messy….children love to interact with playdoh. There is so much learning that can be done with a small container of playdoh.

Learning Activities

Make a letter

Nothing fancy here, use playdoh to form shapes to make letters. Don’t forget to teach your child to roll the playdoh into a basic worm shape to help them get started.


Use the playdoh to form the letters of their name.

Sight words

Use sight word mats to help your child practice sight words at the same time.


Clean up tips

Put newspaper on the table before using playdoh. Then you can throw it away when finished.

Playdoh on paper plates. I put the playdoh on paper plates or you can use cheap plastic trays for less mess.

Sweep before letting your children up, then sweep again. I do NOT want playdoh tracked in our cream carpet so I have to be paranoid about that. I sweep any random crumbs that are on the floor, then any playdoh that has attached itself to my children.

Use bibs. I use bibs for my younger children when using playdoh so they don’t get it on their clothes. How they get playdoh on their clothes I don’t know, but they are also three… so go figure.


Playdoh is great because it allows children to practice their fine motor skills, and it engages their creativitiy. I usually only do one learning activity first, then give them time for free exploration.

How else do you use playdoh to teach your children? Leave a comment below.