How to Get Paid to Lose Weight

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I decided to write this post because I am frequently asked about how I was able to lose weight and earn money for it! I wanted to share with you my journey to weight loss and better health and how you can start earning money in a few minutes!

The Story

After the birth of my twins I suffered from postpartum depression. Not only did I have a rough pregnancy which included bedrest from week 20 until week 36, but it was also a super emotional journey for my family. I still had two “older” (3 &5 year old children) to take care of and to suddenly go from a two-income household to one income was a big strain. My twins also had colic, we had no family support, so let’s just say that times were tough!

After staying home for a year, I knew that I needed to get out of the house to regain my sanity and start contributing financially, so I started working outside of the home. Although work was ok, it was a constant source of embarrassment that people would ask me “when I was due”, when I wasn’t even pregnant! I knew that I had to lose the weight somehow so I started looking into ways that could jumpstart my weight loss.

I found out about Iaso tea through a friend, who told me she lost 5 pounds in 5 days! After I tried it for myself and saw the pounds dropping, I was hooked.  All I have to do is drink tea and it helps me lose weight?! But when I found out that I could refer people to the product, and earn money I signed up immediately.

Because let’s face it, once you lose weight, everyone will ask you how. Why not get paid for referring people to a product that helped you?

So I joined Total Life Changes. Not only does Total Life Changes (TLC) have weight loss products, but they actually have a complete line of health and wellness products.

The Compensation

TLC is my first ever direct sales company that I joined. One of the things that scared me away from ever joining a company is the poor compensation. Some companies only pay 10-20% per sale. With TLC there are 5 different ways to get paid. Total Life Changes offers the #1 Compensation plan in the industry!

But the first and easiest is through retail sales. Every time someone goes to your free, professionally designed website, you earn 50% of the volume. Yes, 50%! So for example on a one month supply of Iaso tea $49.95, you will earn $20. After you get started we will go over all of the ways to get paid.

TLC also pays out weekly! You can either get a paper check mailed to you, or sign up for a debit card that automatically loads your earnings onto it.

My friend and business partner earned over $100,000 in less than 10 months from TLC! She works with me and all my teammates to help us succeed.

How I Earn Money:

Since we often go out throughout the day to run errands, go to storytime, or even the playground, I always run into other moms. In everyday conversation with other moms one thing that always pops up is “losing the baby weight". I then tell them about the tea and give them a link to my website. It’s that simple.

I love the fact that I am now able to contribute to my household, and stay at home with my twins. I also get to volunteer at my older children’s school, attend their awards ceremonies, and just have time to be present without thinking about work the next day. I don’t have to feel guilty about being at home when I am also earning money at the same time.

But not only are there weight loss products, TLC also offers all-natural energy supplements (because every mom can use extra energy), hair, skin, & nail vitamins, skincare products, essential oils, and more. So regardless of the health issue, TLC probably has a product to help with it.

What are the costs?

You can get started for only $85 and make the money right back!

When you first sign up, you will have to purchase the Business Starter Kit ($35) + one product.

I recommend purchasing the 5-pack of tea ($49.95).

Why 5 packs?

First, you drink a pack of tea so that way you can see how the product works for yourself and so that you can achieve your weight loss goals. The other 4 are to have on hand to sell once you start seeing your results and telling people about the products.

Each tea retails for $20 a pack, so 4 teas * 20= $80.

You just made your initial investment back!

Now you have 4 customers who will be ready to go back to your website to purchase more tea, and you also have lost weight and can be your own product spokesmodel.

Each month to stay active for commissions you must place an order of 40 qualifying volume. If you don't buy anything for that month, you won't be active for commissions. At any time you can place an order to get back into a commission earning status.

I personally order a 5-pack of tea each month @ $49.95 and resell them (5 *20= $100, so I make about $50 per month back on my monthly order).

I also earn about $2,000 a month from my website. You can get paid everytime someone places an order or joins your team. You can also earn commissions once you reach a certain level of a lifestyle bonus, match pay, and group volume.

It’s also good to have products on hand since many people don’t like to wait and want the products now!

If you are ready to start losing weight and making money follow the steps below. If you have any more questions, email me at mommymyteacher at so that I can answer them.

How to Sign Up:

1.      Go to

2.      Click JOIN at the top

3.      Choose Join as a Representative (this is how you will be able to get your commissions & get your free website)

4.      You will get the Business Starter Kit & choose one product of your choice ( I recommend the 5- pack of Iaso tea)

5.      Continue to checkout

6.      When you have joined, email me with your IBO# so I can give you personalized advice on how to get started earning money quickly!

You will be on my team and I will give you coaching and advice to help you succeed without bothering family and friends. I have people asking me to be on my team and we all work together to achieve our goals.

I am not making any income claims, since everyone's motivation and work ethic is different. However if you are willing to do the work, the weight loss/wellness industry is one of the largest and is something people are always willing to pay for.

I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals of weight loss and help you earn extra income for your family!

Do you have any other questions about becoming a TLC distributor? Send me an email at mommymyteacher at