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  • 90-page Parent Activity Guide
  • 15 Video Tutorials
  • 46 Printable Worksheets for your child to practice their new skills
  • 100 Sight Word Cards
  • 24 Rhyming Cards
  • 10 Number Cards
  • Teaches Moms & Caregives How to Dramatically Increase Their Child's Academic Skills
  • Helps Develop Important Social & Emotional skills

What's Inside:


What's KinderStar?

✔ Fun and Easy Activities that you can do with your child to prepare for school.

✔ Covers areas of school readiness such as: learning the alphabet, math, reading, fine motor, social and emotional skills.


Do you know:

  • What is expected of all children when they enter kindergarten?

  • What your child will be tested on?

  • What the school will do with the test results?

Let's Rewind:

As an elementary teacher, I have always been interested in learning and teaching. One day at the school I taught at, I noticed all of these kindergarten children. They were in a special group of children who had failed the beginning of the year assessment. Imagine that- children are labeled “behind” in their FIRST year of school! It wasn’t the parents’ fault, it was just that they had no idea what was expected of their children.

So, here's what I did:

When I finally had children, I wanted to prepare them for school.After working with my own children I was able to find a way to creatively play & teach them at the same time. My daughter entered kindergarten reading at a second grade level and had a great year. She was not frustrated because she already knew what was expected of her.

my daughter's results.png

My Results:

  • ✔ Happy child who loved school

  • ✔ Eager reader (at a fourth grade level)

  • ✔ Smooth transition into school

  • ✔ Built my daughter’s self-confidence

Kindergarten is not just arts and crafts anymore.

Kindergarten is an academic environment where children are expected to come in with certain skills. It can be very frustrating for both the child and the parents when school is difficult. No parent wants to hear that their child is “behind” or “low”, especially if they don’t even know what their child is supposed to know. Not to mention in school teachers have limited time to go over skills, so it becomes a bigger stress to get the information in a short amount of time.

But Why?

Why should I spend time now with my child?

Most schools give entering kindergarteners assessments to see their academic level. By going over these skills now, your child will more likely to perform better, be prepared, and confident when entering school.

Wait...what assessments?

Entering kindergarteners are usually tested either during the summer or the first few weeks of schools. The school decides on the assessment, and uses these results to make classes, determine remediation, and see what skills your child needs to work on. They continue to be assessed throughout the year.

That's what school is for to learn...why would I pay for a course?

Yes, to a point that's true. School is for learning. However, keep in mind that while you have only one kindergartener (unless you have twins or multiples), your child will be in a class of anywhere from 20-27 students! The teacher will try her (or his) best, but they have a lot of curriculum to cover in a short amount of time. The curriculum is designed with children having basic skills already. Just think of it this way...can you make a wedding cake without knowing how to read a recipe?

Not to mention that children who don't make adequate progress are more likely to:

  • ✔ have behavior problems (because they can't do the work)

  • ✔ dislike school

  • ✔ get easily frustrated

  • ✔ have the potential to be retained

How is KinderStar unique?

Well, KinderStar was written by a teacher and a mom! I know that as moms we have limited time, so we have to do short, fun activities before our children get tired or bored. KinderStar is an ebook and video course that gives parents specific activities to do to work with their child and get ready for kindergarten.

Guess what? You can get the secret! Your child can become a KinderStar!


Who is this for?

KinderStar is for any parent who wishes to help their child succeed! If you are willing to work with your child at least 20 minutes a day, you will begin to see results! There is no need for other materials, just toys and objects you already have in your home.

KinderStar works for all children, because they will think that they are playing! All children learn at different rates, so it is important to use different methods to ensure your child is learning. Each activity has at least 3 different ways to teach the objective to your child! Since I have twins, I completely understand that multiple methods and exposures work best when teaching children. By beginning NOW, you are setting your child up for success!

Will I receive any physical items?

No, everything is digital and will be ready for download after purchase.


Skills Covered

  • Alphabet, Math, Social, Emotion, Gross Motor, & Fine Motor

"Not only does KinderStar go over academic skills, but it also goes over things (social skills) that I hadn’t even thought about! Every parent of a preschooler needs this course!"- Antoinette

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Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Haji! I'm a mom of 4, & educator. I have a Master's degree in Elementary Education, and an Educational Specialist degree in Leadership. I have spent the last ten years working in public schools across the country. My goal is to help parents teach their children to become successful, life-long learners!

p.s. Yes, that is a school picture!