Best Learning to Read Books

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Here are my top 3 choices for the best learning to read books for beginning readers. I have personally used all 3 collections with all four of my children in teaching them to read. Each collection comes with a set of paper (thin, semi-sturdy) books in a box. Read more to see the pros and cons of each set.


Word Play

Word Play is good to reinforce sight words with young readers. After teaching the sight words, I introduce the Word Play books and my children feel that they are "reading". It also comes with small, one-sided flashcards to review the sight words being taught. My twins love these simple books.


BOB Book Series

Many parents and teachers swear the BOB book series. My twins don't care for the black-and-white illustrations since they are more attracted to bright color illustrations. I like that the BOB books focus on specific sounds and there are many resources online to teach with them.


Sight Word Readers Parent Pack: Learning the First 50 Sight Words Is a Snap!

My children love the Sight Word Readers! They really feel like they are reading with these books, so they are great confidence builders. The books do introduce new words but you can help teach your child to use the illustrations to figure out new words.