How I lost weight after my twins

Iā€™m going to be honest, after my twins I was big. Huge. Enormous. I had gained 50+ pounds, I did have 2 babies, and they were healthy sizes. They weighed in at 6.5 pounds each, so I was truly carrying 13 pounds worth of baby! Not to mention I was on bedrest for 5 months, so all I did was lay on the couch and eat and drink Protein shakes (they tasted great by the way).

Anyways, after the twins were here I wanted to get rid of all that extra weight. And fast. So here are the tips I have to lose weight after my twin pregnancy:

1.      Breastfeeding

Everyone has their own personal choice, but for our family breastfeeding was best. But not only is it good, natural, and freeā€¦it also helps you burn a lot of calories. Feeding two hungry infants, often at the same time, helped me lose some of my weight.

2.      Wrapping my stomach

After all of my pregnancies (I have 4 children), I always wrap my stomach. You can use this wrap here that is very cheap or if you want a more effective wrap use the SlimR wrap. The SlimR wrap and cream helps to tone that excess skin and lose inches off your midsection quickly.

Benefits of the SlimR Wrap:

  • Smoothes Skin
  • Evens skin tone
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Minimizes Stretch Marks (Yes and Yes!)

I always immediately wrap my stomach and keep the wrap on all day, except when bathing. Wrapping your stomach helps to put your uterus back in place as well.

3.      Drinking Tea

Yup, drinking tea! Iaso tea is a natural tea that helps you lose weight quickly. You can lose up to 5 pounds in 5 days. I really like that it is all-natural, organic, and has no caffeine. I did not drink the tea while I was nursing only because it has herbs in it. After I finished nursing, on my twin's first birthday, I started the tea. It is very simple to prepare, and there is also an instant version. My favorite thing about the Iaso tea is unlike other teas, it is safe enough to drink every day. So now, to get rid of the bloating I drink Iaso tea as well.

Ordering Instructions:

To order the SlimR wrap or the Iaso tea here are the steps:

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