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And Turn It Into a “Profit Center” from Day 1

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When it comes to building a Profitable blog online, the process can be both overwhelming and confusing.

But let’s be honest here, you’ve probably been searching all over the internet, coming across stories where you’ve seen people just like you turn their blog into an ATM machine that keeps cranking money out on auto-pilot, and you want to be just like them.

You may have heard about people like Pat Flynn, who went from getting laid off his architecture job, to now generating over $150k per month, on the regular.

Or you may have heard about Bjork + Lindsey, who was a 4th grade teacher that had a passion for food photography, and as a result of launching her blog as a hobby, she’s since retired her husband and herself, while generating over $80k per month consistently….

Then there’s the everyday mom like Rosemarie of The Busy Budgeter, who went from earning a few dollars per month talking about budgeting, to now hitting 6 figures monthly

How in do they do that you ask?

By treating their blog like a business!

The truth is, blogging isn’t as much of a mystery for those that plan properly and think through what it is that they want to accomplish with their blog.  From thinking through what you’ll write about to how you’ll monetize, these can all be considered beforehand, allowing you to earn money from Day 1, but you must PLAN AHEAD….

How? You ask…

We’ve figured that all out for you by putting together our Profitable Blog + Biz Planner, which will walk you through step by step, everything you need to know, when it comes to launching a profitable blog.



Because of the low barriers of entry, many people think blogging for profit is easy.

Beginners don’t realize there is more to blogging than just writing.  If you want to make money blogging in 2018, you need to have a business plan from the start...a monetization strategy...a target plan...and so much more...

I know, it sounds difficult, right? But if you’re one of the 5% of bloggers who have this and plan from the’re on your way to…




Are you just starting out and want to create a profitable blog from the start?

Do you have a blog that you want to turn into a money-making machine?

Or do you simply want to access information that has helped online business generate 7-figures in a year?

If you're one of these people, then this is your lucky day.

Today, I'm going to provide for you, a Workbook that has helped me and my clients launch profitable blogs in many different niches...

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Before I go any further, I'd like to introduce myself.


I'm a wife, mom of 4 (under 8)-including twins, so I have a full plate already. A few months ago, I was also an Educational Specialist working full-time, missing all of my children's school events and awards, tired and stressed out when I came home from work, and missing out on my young twins daily milestones. I read about blogging for income and made a decision to try it for myself. I invested $1000 in learning how to start a blog, and started making money quickly. Now I'm a Stay-at-home mom spending time with my twins, going to all of the school events, and enjoy working part-time on a blog that also provides me an income.


Everything I’ve learned about blogging from the past 10 years

...I’ve put inside this workbook.


I did all the grunt work. I spent the hours testing, experimenting, and you don't have to.

And what would normally take you months and maybe even years to learn, I already covered in this new workbook called...

The Booming Blog Planner

So here’s what's inside this Power Packed Planner:

1. Blog + Biz Vision

How to map out your Blog + Vision so you'll know EXACTLY who you want to be, who you will serve, and how to position your business for profits early on.

2. Blog + Biz Goals

Get clear on your goals so you can save time, keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and get focused on building a profitable business sooner.

3. My Ideal Reader

Learn what kind of content to put out that ASSURES your ideal reader will love it. This will help you effectively grow your business faster because you will create content and products that your audience will love.

4. Establish Your Niche

There is a new age adage that says ‘The riches are in the niches’. Think of how you go to a general doctor for a regular physical, but then you may be referred to a specialist afterward. Just as a specialist earns more than a general doctor, your earning power increases as you specialize.

5. Blog + Biz Monetization

You'll learn how to deploy blog monetizations strategies that will help your positioning and make you money as soon as possible.

6. Blog + Biz Marketing

How to put your products and services in front of the right customer.

7. Blog + Biz Sales Strategies

What sales method will you use to entice your customers to buy. Story-telling, for example, is a powerful sales strategy to convey how your product or service was successfully used with another customer. Determine which sales strategies will be most effective for your blog.

8. Blog + Biz Operations

Establishing a plan of how you will conduct yourself on a daily basis will save you a ton of time in execution. Start with your annual goals, and work yourself backward to a daily action plan that will support reaching your goals.

9. Blog + Biz Financials

What isn’t tracked can’t be changed. It is extremely important for you to not only set financial goals, but to also track your progress. While it’s great to focus on the income generation, you must also manage the expenses as well. Establish income goals and a budget to manage your blog’s finances.

10. Blog Style Guide

Everyone has their own sense of style. The same can be said for blogs as well. Think of your blog as your home. What do you want your guests to see? Plan your overall theme, colors, and fonts.


“How much is your time worth to you?”

If someone would ask you right now, “how much are you earning per hour?

What would say?

“I’m earning $20 per hour?” Maybe $40? Or $60?

Now, imagine the time it will take for you to gather this kind of information online and create a workbook PLUS action plan like this?

Maybe 20 hours? Or let’s say 10 to 15.

That means, it will cost you at least $200 (at $20 per hour) and at most $400 to create a workbook like this...and that’s assuming you’re a great researcher and you already know where to look and what to include…

You could have that precious time and money spent somewhere else...

In 4 hours, you could have already written a blog post...or maybe cleaned your house...or maybe take your kids to the park and drive back home.

So I’d like to help you out.

Don’t spend hours researching or spend $400+ or more to get this information...

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