Parenting Super Bundle

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What is the Parenting Super Bundle?

The Parenting Super Bundle includes: 35 ebooks, 10 courses, 9 workbooks, 23 printables, 2 audios, and a membership site all designed to make parenting a bit easier.

What's so special about the Parenting Super Bundle?

If you want parenting tips and hacks on subjects from teaching your toddler to raising respectful children, then this bundle is for you!

How do I use the products?

There are so many products, but choose the best ones that are related to you. I have a list below of my favorite products, and I download them as I need them.

Why get the Parenting Super Bundle?

The reason why the Parenting Super Bundle is such a great deal is that you get $1,200 worth of products for only $47!!! As you can see below, even if I only bought one product (The Cake Decorating 101 School), it is twice as much as the entire bundle. So you are getting all of these products at over 98% off. Go here to check it out.

My Favorite Products:

  • *My First Kitchen Binder for Kids by Tauna (Meyer) ($14.99)
  • Hero Training! Kid’s Character Challenge by Liz Millay ($15.00)
  • *The Cake Decorating 101 School by Rebekah Allan ($97.00)
  • *Parenting with Positive Guidance: Building Discipline from the Inside Out by Amanda Morgan ($17.00)
  • * I Can Teach My Child to Read by Jenae Jacobson ($9.99)
  • *Teaching Toddlers at Home by Amanda Stockdale ($67.00)
  • *The Toddler Journey: 100 Hands-On Activities for Toddlers by Angela Thayer ($10.00)
  • *Tot School Printables A to Z by Carisa Hinson ($12.00)
  • *Crafty Critters: Crafts to Go by Amanda Dion ($9.99)
  • *Funny Mom Joke Pack: Make Your Kids Laugh Every Day of the Year by Jill Riley ($29.00)
  • *Random Acts of Kindness Cards for Kids by Lauren Tamm & Rachel Norman ($5.99)
  • *The Ultimate Life Cycle Printables by Kimberly Huff ($9.99)