Preschool Homeschool Curriculum Kit


As an educator and mom, my goal is to help parents teach their children at home.

But I also understand that some parents don't have the time or resources to print an actual preschool homeschool curriculum.

 I don't want printing to stop you from homeschooling your preschooler.


Now there's an easy way to homeschool your preschooler.


I have compiled my preschool homeschool curriculum into a fun and engaging kit, with everything that you need at your disposal.

PRE-SALE PRICE $77 (plus $6/s&h)

REG. $140



What's inside?

* 2 Jumbo Preschool Workbooks- each 400 page, black and white book covers 10 fun units, letter recognition, tracing, numbers, sight words, and more.

* Parent Guide/Planner- includes preschool skills checklist, book lists, and lesson plans for each unit.

* Dry Erase Board- practice writing

* 16 Hands-On Activities/Crafts- craft kits to go with the themes

* 3 sets of Educational Flashcards- assorted educational flashcards


Sneak Peek at what will be included:


Activities and flashcards may vary due to availability.

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Q: What's the difference between the kit and the downloads?

A: My download curriculum also includes color printables (sight word cards and learning games), they are not included in the kit. The kit includes preschool workbooks, a parent guide, and hands-on activities to go with most themes.

Q: Why is this so affordable?

A: Since this is a pre-sale, I am offering this kit at a significantly lower price. Also, I am in the process of finalizing the book cover designs, and choosing the right activities, so certain things may change.

Q: Who should I buy this?

A: Moms who don't want to print and want mostly everything already prepared for them.

Q: Will the activities change?

A: Since this is a pre-sale, some activities may subject to change to availability. However, you will receive at least 16 activities. The themes that do not have hands-on activities include the magnets theme, post office theme, hibernation, and plants.

Q: Can I choose the flashcards?

A: You will receive 3 sets of assorted educational flashcards (brand may vary). There is no guarantee for specific cards.

Q: What supplies will I need?

A: You will still need basic supplies such as crayons, pencils, glue, scissors, and construction paper.

Q: What will I get when I purchase?

A: You will receive a receipt for your purchase. Once the kits are ready, you will receive an email to let you know that it will be shipped. Please be sure to use your correct shipping address in Paypal, as I will only ship to Paypal verified addresses.

Q: What ages is the kit good for?

A: Three to five years old.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping for the pre-sale will be $6. After that it will increase to $10. At this time I am only shipping to the United States.

Q: When will the orders be shipped?

A: All orders will begin shipping August 20,2018.

Q: Are there any refunds?

A: Due to the consumable nature of this product, all purchases are final.

Q: I have a different question.

A: That's not a question ;). Email me at mommymyteacher (at) and I will get back to you.

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