Sight Word Lists

There are two types of Sight Word Lists: Dolch Sight Words and Fry Sight Words. Why are sight word lists so important? Sight words account for the majority of words that are seen in everyday literature. This means that once your child is able to read these words, they will be able to read almost any children’s book put in front of them.

Dolch Sight Word List

Dolch Sight Words are the most commonly used sight words. The Dolch Sight Word List was created by Dr. Edward William Dolch. The Dolch List contains 220 service words and 95 nouns. The reason why the Dolch Sight Word List is important is because it contains 80% of words that children will see while reading. Once your child has mastered these words, they will be on their way to become a more fluent reader.

Fry’s Sight Word List

The Fry’s Sight Word List is considered a more modern list of words, and includes 1,000 sight words that are common in everyday literature. Once a child learns all of these words, they will be able to recognize 90% of the words seen in children’s books.

Sight Word Printables