Monthly Learning Kits


Learning Made Easy!

Help your child learn with these fun monthly learning kits!

✔ 5 Engaging Activities Delivered to Your Email Each Month

✔ Each month includes: Reading, Writing, Math, Art & Science/Social Studies Activities

✔ Common Core Aligned- Standards Based Activities

✔ Instant Download

Subscription Information

Each Monthly Learning Kit includes fun and engaging activities and printables. These activities come as an email each month on the day you order and then on the 10th of each following month. This is a one year subscription with recurring payments each month on the10th. You will receive an email with a download link to download your activities.

Each kit is on sale now for only $8

Please Note: You will receive the kit for the month beginning when you sign up, previous Learning Kits will not be available until our Secret Sale Days.

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+ How long is the subscription?

This is a 1-year subscription that begins on the date you sign up.

+ Do you offer any discounts?

Since this is already an affordable price, there are no discounts.

+ What's included in the Learning Kit?

Each Learning Kit includes at least 6 fun activities or printables to help your child learn different concepts.

+ What kit should I buy?

It depends. Many parents have multiple children, so buy at what level your child currently is/or needs assistance with.

+ What if I am a teacher?

If you are a teacher, in-home childcare provider, then this kit is for you! Imagine having new activities delivered to your inbox monthly that you can use over and over each year, without purchasing units one by one.