What Every Mom Should Know Before Buying Bob Books

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Every mom has probably heard about the Bob Book Series. Designed to help children learn to read, these simply illustrated books focus on one sound per book. We recently tested the Bob Book Sight Words from our local library to see if it was worth the purchase.



Easy to read for beginner readers

Only a few words on each page


  • Comes in a box

  • Includes flash cards


·       My children were not fond of the black and white illustrations.

·       The five sets do not teach all of the phonics rules. Your child will still need to practice other rules to improve their reading.

·       Books are not sturdy

If you don’t want to purchase the books just yet, go to your local library to see if you can check out a set. This way if your children don’t like the books you aren’t committed to anything.

Overall, I think that it is a good way for beginning readers to practice reading and gain confidence. However, keep in mind that if your children are used to bright color illustrations, they might not like the Bob books. All in all, they are a good teaching tool to help you reinforce certain sound patterns with your child.

 There are also many bloggers that have created worksheets and activities to go along with it.

Go here to This Reading Mama who has compiled a list of bloggers who have created activities for each set of Bob Books.