Why You Shouldn't Stress Out Over Development Charts

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Every time you go to the doctor they ask questions about your child’s development, weight, height, brain size, etc.

Even the most assured parents can get nervous about these visits. After my first daughter I stopped worrying about these questions that made me Google possible lapses of development.

Why? Because every child is different. My children that rarely eat meat, don’t eat processed or fat foods, so are usually much smaller than an “average” child. All of my children are in the 10-15% range for weight.

What about the language skills?

If you are teaching your child multiple languages, there might be a delay in one language. Also children who have older siblings are more likely to have a more advanced and developed vocabulary than an only child.

Now that I have twins I can see even more differences between children of the same age, even though they are the same age.

My boy twin is neat, takes his time, and likes to do “homework”.

My girl twin colors outside of the lines, is impulsive, and gets bored easily.

So, what’s the morals of the story?

Moral #1:

Don’t stress. Find out the way your child learns best and teach them in that way. If your child loves music, play educational songs to help them learn new concepts. If your child loves to touch things, use hands-on activities as much as possible.

Moral #2:

Don’t compare your children. Even if one child doesn’t seem to catch on as quickly as the other, try to refrain from comparing them aloud. Children can internalize these feelings as can gain a sense of inadequacy.


All children develop differently that is why it is important to teach your children in multiple ways.

So what ways have you found that your child learns best? Leave a comment below!