10 Best and Free Sight Word Activities

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wow I love this list of the best free and fun sight word activities for preschool and kindergarten! My son will love this! saving for later.

Every parent has heard about sight words, and should know the truth about sight words. However, you still have to help your child learn their sight words in order to prepare her for reading.

When playing with your child, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep the activity time short
  • Vary the activities so they don’t become redundant
  • Only practice a few sight words at a time
  • Mix up the words as a review to make sure your child knows the word and is not guessing

Here are some of the best sight word activities to help your preschool or kindergarten child learn their sight words.

1.      Sight Word Bowling

This is an easy game to set up and play either indoors or outdoors.  Visit Sparkling in Second to learn more.

2.      Sight Word Ball Toss

This super simple activity from Gift of Curiosity will have your child wanting to learn their sight words!

3.      Lego Duplo Sight Word Towers

These Lego Duplo towers would be a fun activity. Choose a few sight words that you want to focus on and watch your child build and practice letter recognition. Visit Mom Inspired Life to see the full activity.

4.      Cup Crash

This is a variation of bowling, but involves cups! I like how they can build and rebuild their sight word stack so this game will never get old. Visit Coffee Cups and Crayons to view the full post.

5.      Squishing Sight Words

This takes a bit of prep, but is so worth it! Write sight words on playdough and have your child squish or smash the word with a toy hammer. Go to Life With Moore Babies to get the full directions.


6.      Sight Word Playdough Mats

My twins love using playdough at any time! These fun and free sight word playdough mats make learning sight words interactive. Plus, it gives your child a chance to practice their fine motor skills by working with the playdough.

7.      Playdough Writing Tray

This is a no prep sight word activity that’s super simple! Use toothpicks or small sticks to write sight words in playdough. Visit Fantastic Fun and Learning to get the full activity!

8.      Monster Munch Sight Word Eater

I like this fun craft because you can adjust it for the seasons! Have your child feed the sight words that you are reviewing to the monster! Go to the Craft Train to see how to make it.

9.      Interactive Sight Words

Use letter magnets and sight word cards to build sight words. Super simple and very easy! She uses a magnetic filing cabinet, but you can use a cookie sheet for the activity. Go to Who’s Who and New to learn more.

10.   Sight Word Playdough

One more playdough idea! I like using playdough because of the sensory play my children get, as well as it makes them forget they are learning! Use magnetic letters or letter stampers to spell sight words. Visit Learning 4 Kids to learn more!


Need printables to help your child practice their sight words? This 100-page pack of Sight Word practice includes the first 50 sight words. Each word has a practice page where your child can read, color, and trace the word. The second sight word page has large letters for your child to cut out and color. Then they can paste the letters on a construction paper to spell the word.