Hands-On Spelling Practice for Preschool

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I'm always looking for independent and fun activities for my preschool twins. This activity is very low prep and is so much fun.

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Die-Cut Letters (we used the small ones)

Alphabet Flashcards


1. Punch out the die cut letters- I would recommend you doing it, since they are very easy to tear. We needed 2 packs of letters for my twins, and to make sure that we had enough letters to spell the words.

2. Spread out the letters and have your child (or you) choose 2-3 cards at a time.

3. Show your child how to pick up the letters and spell the word.

4. Have fun!

My twins loved this activity and it kept them entertained for at least 20 minutes. I recommend having your child work on the floor so they have more room to maneuver. Since the picture is on the card, then your child feels as though they are "reading", which is great for building fluency and confidence.

How do you teach your child spelling? Leave a comment below!