How to Teach Typing For Kids

I’m so happy to share with you my new favorite tool to learn how to type: UltraKey Online Family Subscription from Bytes of Learning. I was chosen to review it, with my two oldest children.

Since my 8-year old loves to use the computer, I knew that UltraKey Online Family Subscription would be a good fit for her. UltraKey Online Family Subscription is a teaching and learning tool, suitable for use with children ages 5 and up, so I added my 7-year old on the subscription as well.


wow, I love this typing program for kids! My daughter has learned how to type quickly!

Getting Started:

The first thing you do after purchasing the subscription is to open your registration link sent by email. After clicking the registration link and you will register your family. This will give you the website link, username and password to set your children up on their computers.

Logging In:

When I first logged in, I was able to use the manager guide. The link is found on the welcome screen. On the welcome screen, the parent is introduced to how the program works so that way you can help your own children. I liked being able to get familiar with the program first so that I could help my 7 & 8 year olds.

The UltraKey Online Family Subscription also provides you with complete control to customize your learning for each individual child. If your child is old enough, they can manage their own goals and settings. Since this was the first time that my girls were learning how to type, I set their goals at the Beginner Level.

After setting my children up, I went through the My Instruction panel. The My Instruction tab allows you to become familiar with how the lessons are set up. I think this is helpful especially if you have younger children who you are assisting with learning to keyboard.


I also appreciate that you are given a private family domain that no one else has access to, so I used my girls’ first names to make it simple for them to log in.

Now that my 8 year old has almost completed the program, I will change her goals to increase her speed and accuracy. She likes the certificate that is very motivating and makes her want to beat her goal.


Program Details:

We used the UltraKey Online Family Subscription for about a month now. I think two to three sessions a week for 15-20 minutes is enough for this age range.

My oldest was able to almost finish the program, and my 7-year old definitely needed my support while using the program. For younger children, I recommend sitting with them to make sure they have proper finger placement, as well as to encourage them during the lessons.

Affordable Pricing:

The UltraKey Online Family Subscription is very affordable even for large families. They offer family subscriptions for 3-user, 5-user and 8-user levels, with the attractive pricing of $29.95, $39.95, and $49.95 per year. Families will be able to purchase renewals and continue their use for as many years as they wish. Larger group subscriptions are available with multiple managers, for home school organizations and other consortiums.

Helpful Customer Service:

I love how easy it is to contact the customer service. You can either visit their website Bytes of Learning or visit their new Facebook page.

Overall Conclusion:

My 8 year old: “I love using UltraKey Online! It’s like a game and it’s so much fun. I’m getting better at typing and in only a few weeks I don’t have to look at my fingers anymore.”

My 7 year old: “I like UltraKey Online. I think that it takes some time to get used to, but I know that I’m getting better.”

Personally, I think that UltraKey Online Family Subscription is an easy way to introduce typing to children and adults. As a person who went through keyboarding class, I appreciate learning how to type correctly and your family will love the easy format of this program.

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