5 Reasons Every Toddler Should Color

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Although toddlers are usually between the ages of 1-3, there are still many activities that they can do.

One fun activity for toddlers is coloring. I must admit that at first I was nervous when my children were toddlers and they used crayons for the first time. Of course, toddlers are still at that everything is food stage, so you have to be careful that they don't put the crayons in their mouth.

That is why no matter what the activity is, you should always supervise your child.

Why is toddler coloring so great? Here are 5 reasons why every toddler should color:


1. Exercise hand and eye coordination

2. Practice fine motor skills

3. Feel textures of different materials

4. Learn independence

5. Be creative



Large Crayons

Toddler Coloring Book


Although you can get a coloring book from anywhere, toddler coloring books are specifically designed for toddlers.

What does that mean? The pictures are large (usually taking up the whole page), with simple designs, and easy to recognize pictures.

Toddler Coloring books are great for young children learning to color since they have a large area to work with and

I have created a Toddler Coloring Book that can be used not only as a fun activity but also as a learning tool. While your child is coloring, you can point to the pictures and name them.

My Toddler Coloring Book includes:

Uppercase letters

Lowercase letters

Numbers 1-10

Familiar Objects (such as backpack, book, etc.)



What other activities do you like to do with your toddler? Leave a comment below.