Best Preschool Learning Workbooks to Prepare for Kindergarten

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One problem that many parents face with their preschool homeschool curriculum is printing, running out of ink, and keeping all of the papers neat.

As an educational specialist, I decided to help parents who would prefer a physical book over printables.

I have created a series of preschool workbooks to help prepare your child for school.

Wow, I love these preschool learning workbooks for preschool homeschool curriculum. These are better than the free preschool printables for homeschool since I don't have to worry about printing!

Here are a list of preschool learning workbooks:

Letter Tracing - this book goes over uppercase and lowercase letters, and has 5 pages per letter!


Number Tracing-
 Practice writing numbers 0-20.

Picture Tracing-
this preschool workbook helps children practice tracing with fun pictures. There are three different levels that get more difficult as it progresses.

Alphabet Animals Coloring Book-

Practice learning the alphabet by coloring animals A-Z.


Toddler Coloring Book

100 large coloring pages that include shapes, colors, uppercase and lowercase letters, and objects. Simple pictures for small children.


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What other preschool learning workbooks would you like to see? Leave a comment below.