PandaParents Curriculum Review

Today I would like to introduce you to PandaParents and their MESSYLEARNING FOR PRESCHOOLERS AND KINDERGARTNERS. I reviewed the electronic version of the program.




Each month of lessons in the program includes a storybook, student workbook, and video. The program is designed so that you can read the book, watch the video, and create something (complete an activity).

The three months of lessons we received were:

A Jolly Jingling Journey

This lesson focuses on the letter “J” and its sound. This was also a Christmas/Santa Claus theme lesson.


This lesson focuses on shapes, and the storybook is a question and answer format.

Scotty Skunk Hears a Scary Sound

This lesson focuses on the letter “S” and its sound. It also talks about animal habitats. There are also sequence pages, where children have to put the story in order.

The lesson sequence includes:

1.      Read the story with your child

2.      Watch the video

3.      Complete the activity book

Story Book:

The storybook is bright and colorful. You can either print it out or display it on the computer or on a tablet. In the storybook, the focus letter is red so that your child can point it out.

The program has unique illustrations that my children were not used to, such as really large eyes.

Student Workbook

The workbook includes printable pages to help your child practice handwriting, coloring, patterns, and matching items.

Since the workbook pages are full color, we talked about the questions and I had my children point to the correct answers. We did print the tracing pages since they were black and white.

The workbook also includes other activities such as cut and paste, sequence, and sorting. These are all skills that preschoolers need to practice to prepare for school.

We did a few pages a day, which is enough for preschool children.


My children liked the videos that came along with the program. I think that the videos make the lessons “come alive” for the children.
The videos also have the words at the bottom, so you could also have your child point to the words that they know in the video for additional learning.

Some of the videos are very long, so I recommend only watching 10-15 minutes at a time. My children don’t use the screen that much, so after about 15 minutes they get bored.

I liked the fact that it introduced large words to preschoolers, for example jingling, juggling, etc. This will help to expand your child’s vocabulary.


Panda Parents Kindy Curriculum

Overall, this is another way to help your child learn in a different way. The company is preparing to have physical products available at a later date.

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