7 Must Haves for your Preschool Homeschool Room

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i love these preschool homeschool room ideas. They are great for preschool activities at home in a small space.

1.      Easel

An easel is a must for any preschool homeschool since it gives children an opportunity to create with other materials such as chalk and paint.


2.      Table and chair

We actually have a small folding table with 4 chairs and I love it because even my older children can sit at it. It’s also super sturdy and good for indoor and outdoor use.

My twins use their table mostly for pretend play but it is also good for outdoor painting projects.


3.      Storage

It’s important to keep your supplies in order. I like using a small portable filebox (with the files out), to store our weekly materials. I put all of my children’s work in a folder, and then place it in the storage box.

I also keep their crayons & other writing tools in this box since we do that at the kitchen table.


4.      Bookshelf

Any type of shelving will do, but you want the books for your theme to be in reach and accessible for your children. I actually like this shelf because the book covers are facing forward.

We usually have at least 10 books related to the theme that we are working on, and after I read them to my children, they like to practice “reading” as well.


5.      Dress up Center Storage

Preschoolers (boys and girls), both love to pretend play. Even in a preschool classroom there will be a dramatic play area. We pretty much own every Melissa & Doug costume, but they can get messy quick.

So it’s important to have some storage for them, as well as for the costumes to be easily accessible. The other bonus is that your child can practice the life skill of hanging up clothes.


6.      Message board

A message board will be a great place to put the focus sight words of the week, letters of the week, and concepts that you are studying. You can also add realia, real items, to make the board more interesting for your preschooler. If you don’t want to use thumbtacks, use a whiteboard with magnets for a safer board that your child can interact with.



7.      Rug

Your rug doesn’t have to be large, but a small rug will be a great place for your child to play on the floor. It is also a nice spot to share a book with your child.

If you have a small space, you could even use a bathroom rug. Rugs make it seem as though there is another spot even though they are in the same room.


8.      Calendar

Help your child begin to understand time with a simple calendar. I like this calendar because it also has cards to discuss the weather as well.


It doesn’t take much for you to have an amazing preschool homeschool room. Even if you have a small space, you can improvise to have a great space for your homeschool preschool.

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How did you furnish your preschool homeschool room? Leave a comment below!