5 Things You Must Do to Save for a Family Vacation


With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about family vacation ideas. A family vacation is a great chance to bond and experience a new place with your children. But how you can start saving for a family vacation, even if you don’t have a lot of money?

Here are 5 things you can do to start saving for your vacation:

1.      Set a goal- where do you want to take your family? Even if you can’t afford it just yet, write down where you want to go and estimate how much it will cost. Goals that are written down are much more likely to be achieved. Include your children in the process by telling them “We are planning on going to Disney World this summer” so we will start saving. Then the next time they want to eat out or ask for something at the store, remind them about the trip.

2.      Use Survey Sites like Swagbucks- I am on Swagbucks daily. Swagbucks is a site that lets you watch videos, take surveys, and play games for rewards. They offer prizes such as gift cards that you can use for Southwest airline tickets or you can cash out from Paypal. I usually open two or three windows at a time, and let a video play in the background. It’s a very easy way to get money literally doing nothing.

3.      Have a Yard Sale- it doesn’t have to be a real yard sale. You can sell on Craigslist, Facebook Local (in groups), or even ebay. It’s a great way to clean your house and earn some extra cash. Put all of the earnings in your vacation fund.

4.      Eat out less- stop eating out and put that money towards your vacation fund. Also, eat the food in your pantry and fridge first before going out to buy more food.

5.      Lower Expenses- now is a great time to see if you can get a discount on your Cable/Internet Service or even lower your car insurance rate. Use any discounts towards your family vacation fund.

These tips will help you save for your next family vacation.

So how do you save for your family vacation? Leave a comment below.

15 Things You Must Do to Have an Amazing Family Staycation

Spring break is coming soon, and you may not be able to take your family anywhere. So how can you keep your sanity for a week,  give your children an amazing vacation full of memories without breaking the bank?

Try a staycation! A staycation is a vacation that you stay at home. Staycations are great because they give you a chance to explore the city or state you live in, on your budget.

Here are the top 10 ideas for having an amazing staycation:

1.      Use Groupon to find local deals

Groupon is great for discounts on restaraunts, shows, museums, you name it. Have your children been wanting to visit a certain place but you haven’t had the time? Go on Groupon and see what you can find.

2.      Visit a National Park

Find a national park near you by going HERE to see what is close by. National Parks charge a very small entrance fee and are a fun and unique family outing.

3.      Choose a Family Project to Complete

Never finished making those baby scrapbooks? Take the time to go through the pictures and let each child complete their books. Costco and Walgreens have very cheap printing services. Or go digital and let your child make their own photobook on Shutterfly. Use a deal site to get a great coupon.

4.      Make a New Meal at home

Have each child choose a dish or side and go grocery shopping to make the new meal. Create a simple menu to make it even more fancy!

5.      Connect with family


if you have family in the area, have a picnic or barbecue at the park. The more the merrier, go to the dollar tree and bring party games to make it more fun. Invite everyone to bring a dish and it'll be a mini-family reunion.

6.      Movie Night


go to the movies as a family or choose a movie on Netflix. Make different popcorn recipes to try like this and this

7.      Community Activities

Visit your city’s website (google city of --) to see the community events happening during your time off. Usually city events are free or very cheap, and cater to the entire family.

8.      Volunteer

Visit an elderly home, pass out food, help clean up the park- look for a volunteer event in your area to give your children a new experience.

9.      Spend the night in a hotel

Use a deal website to get a cheap night in a hotel. Usually the weekdays are the cheapest, and it will be a nice break from being at home.

10.   Have a Theme Night

Each child can choose a theme for example “Taco Tuesdays” but also decorate the house with (dollar store) decorations to give it a more festive feel. Play theme music as well.

11.   Game Night

Buy a few games that everyone can enjoy and have a family game night. Order pizza or your favorite fast food and just have fun playing games and enjoying the moment.

12.   Go Fruit Picking

Find a farm near you and go pick fresh fruit in season. Fresh air, exercise, and a new experience for your children to remember.

13.   Doughnut Breakfast

Pick up a dozen (or two) donuts for your family and treat your children to something different. They'll enjoy the special treat (and you don't have to cook).


Find a deal for doughnuts in your area and surprise your children from the normal and get specialty doughnuts- or take them with you and let them pick.

14.   Just Dessert

Go to a restaurant just for desserts. Look for specials

15.   Give your Kids a new room (sort of)-

 Get your children excited about spring cleaning by letting them redesign their room. Even if it’s just a new blanket or wall art, they will love their new space.


Your children will remember more about the time you spend with them than the places you’ll go. Make the most of your time off together by creating memories.