8 FREE Activities to Teach Your Children the Continents

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So remember when I said that learning the continents is a basic skill every child should know? So I found five free activities that will make learning the continents super simple and fun. Also these are multi-age activities so all your children will be able to join the fun.

Activity Goals:

  • Name all 7 continents
  • Identify the continent you live on
  • Locate the continents on a map by memory

Before I begin any activity or lesson, I always introduce the concept through a book, video, or question. This helps my children become more engaged and excited to learn later.

Here are a few books to help introduce the continents to your children.


After reading a book, use a globe to locate the continents. We have 2 globes in our home, I really like this globe below.

Now for the fun part. Choose a few activities to complete with your children. Remember when learning you should always go back and review to make sure yor children retain the information.

Here are the free activities:

7 Continents of the World Matching Activity/ Totschooling


Free Continent Cards/Mama's Learning Corner

Use the continent cards above to make playdough Continents like this idea below

Continent Printables/Itsy Bitsy Fun

For your elementary age children, these printables from Itsy Bitsy Fun are great review and practice.

Continents Book/123 Homeschool 4 Me


Continents Fact File/Homeschool Creations

Outdoor Continents Hop/ Life With Moore Babies

This activity takes a lot of chalk but will be fun on a spring day.

Continent Puzzles/Books and Giggles

So how are you teaching your child the continents? Let me know in the comments below.