10 Hands-On Apple Activites You Must Try

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Although it is still in the triple digits (!) where we live, back to school usually symbolizes fall and apples.

The first unit in our preschool homeschool curriculum is all about Apples. My twins and I have been having fun learning about the apple life cycle and reading about apples.

i Love these fun apple theme preschool activities at home! They are great for my preschool homeschool curriculum!


Here is some fun hands-on apple activities that we have been doing to enhance our apple theme unit:

1. Apple Stained Glass Window Craft

This craft is great fine motor practice since you can have your preschooler cut up the tissue paper themselves.

2. Apple Science Experiment

This simple apple science experiment shows the different affects that liquid has on apples. (From Pre-K Pages)



3. Apple Stamping

This activity is so simple to do, and you probably already have all of the materials needed. (From: Crafty Morning)



4. Counting Apple Seeds

I love this easy math activity. You can also make it more challenging by adding higher numbers.

5. Sponge Painted Apple

My twins love anything painting so this simple activity is great for theme.



6. Exploring Parts of an Apple

7. Apple Sorting Activity

You can use either real apples of different colors, or poms in red, yellow, and green. In order to help your child improve their fine motor skills, use tongs or tweezers while sorting.

8.  Magnetic Apples Sensory Bin

Using split peas and magnets, this sensory bin is sure to keep your child entertained for awhile.

9. Apple Stem (Little Bins for Little Hands)

This is a fun collection of apple STEM experiments such as balancing apples and do apples or sink or float.

10. Build an Apple Tree Sensory Bin

This sensory bin uses real twigs and red checkers for a fun activity. (From Sugar Aunts for Coffee and Crayons)

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