10 Fun Magnets Preschool Unit Activities

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Young children love to play with magnets and see how they work. In my preschool homeschool curriculum, I have included a fun magnet themed unit to explore magnets.

Remember to always supervise your child with magnets, and never give them small pieces while alone.

I personally like to let my children use magnet wands which are easy to hold and a safe alternative than smaller magnets.

Here are 10 fun Preschool Magnet theme activities for your preschool unit:

1. Magnet Powered Car (Science Kiddo)

2. Mining for Magnets (No Time for Flashcards)

3. Magnets and Pipe Cleaners (Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls)

4. Painting with Magnets (Housing a Forest)

5. Magnetic Eggs (Modern Preschool)


6. Magnet Discovery Bottles (Preschool Inspirations)

7. Magnetic Letter Sensory Bin (ABCs of Literacy)

8. Magnets & Gravity Experiment (Rookie Parenting)

9. Exploring Magnets Sensory Play (And Next Comes L)

If you need preschool magnet theme printables you can get the pack here or save and get the entire Preschool Curriculum!

What other activities do you have planned for your unit? Let me know in the comments below!