5 Reading Skills Needed for Kindergarten Readiness

Many parents don’t know that for kindergarten readiness, it is important to teach your child some reading skills.

What reading skills are needed to see if your child is ready for kindergarten?

1.      Know that words make up a sentence.

Preschoolers should know that words come together to form a sentence. As you are reading with your child you can point out the words in a sentence, and the whole sentence. This helps them understand that words come together to form meaning.


2.      Know that letters make sounds.

Once your child can recognize their letters, you can begin teaching them letter sounds. Knowing letter sounds is crucial in being able to read.


3.      Break words into syllables.

Preschoolers should know that words can be broken into parts called syllables. Note: They do not need to know the word syllables, just understand the concept.

Activity: Say a word with your child and clap while you say it. (ex: pea-nut, two claps) Your child will be able to hear the syllables in these words.


4.      Know rhyming words.

Rhyming words are words that have the same end sound, they do not necessarily have the same spelling.


5.      Know beginning, middle, and end sounds in words.

Kindergarten readiness requires preschoolers to understand that words are separated into sounds. Most words can be broken up by beginning, middle, or end sounds. Kindergarteners will have to identify the sound in a certain part of the world.


Why are these reading skills so important for kindergarten readiness?

All of these skills come together to prepare your child for reading. By working with your child on these reading skills, they will become ready for kindergarten.


How can you help prepare your preschooler so they will be ready for any kindergarten readiness assessment?

Read to your child daily so that you can point out each skill while reading.


What other questions do you have about reading skills needed for kindergarten readiness? Leavea comment below.