How to Get Free Stuff for Your Homeschool

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So you may have seen the blogs, pinterest boards, and beautiful Instagram pages of moms homeschooling or teaching their children. Some rooms rival any classroom in a school setting, they are fully decorated and stocked. But how do you go about getting all the resouces, materials, games, and books for your children on a budget?

Here are some ways that I use to help fund my homeschool budget that doesn’t come from our main income sources. This way I can buy guilt-free knowing I earned money specifically for my homeschool.

Sidenote: When I taught in a public school people don’t realize that teachers literally come into an empty room just with chairs and a desk.  Only after spending my OWN money is it fully decorated and a fun place for students. So everything teachers have in their classroom either they bought it or made it, there is no decorating budget for teachers. But I digress.

Here are the ways that I fund my homeschool/learning expenses for my children:



Ok, honestly I heard about Swagbucks long time ago. I never signed up, thought it was too good to be true, and all that. But I love Swagbucks. Basically you complete tasks online (and they have an app as well) and earn points. The points can then be used to get gift cards from our (notice I said our since I believe these are everyone's favorite stores, LOL) favorite stores: Amazon, Target, Walmart or even turn into cash through Paypal.

All I do is put the videos on throughout the day in a new window and rack up points. The cool thing is that the videos will autoplay to the next playlist so you don't have to keep checking it. You can also open two windows at once, or use another computer at the same time to earn points even faster.

Then when I need things for my homeschool expenses I use my free gift card I received from Swagbucks. You can also take surveys for more points, but even if you don’t that the video points will eventually add up. They give you bonus points when you refer friends and family, so this a super easy way to earn free gift cards.

Sign up for Swagbucks here and start earning today.



Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates is an online rebate site that gives you cash back for shopping online. So before you hit purchase, go through ebates. You will get money back on purchases you were going to make anyways.  Ebates also gives you credit for referrals, so tell people you know about it. Most of us do a lot of shopping online, so we might as well get some money back from it.

Sign up for Ebates here and get a free $10 giftcard today.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Homeschooling does not have to be expensive. I’ve found that some of the best toys and learning materials are things we already have in our home. My husband also loves to make toys out of random things such as pet rocks and cardboard. But especially when you are just starting out, there are things that you will need. Try these ways to fund your homeschool and make it a memorable and pleasure experience for you and your children.

Be creative and have fun, remember you are your child’s first teacher!