Best School Uniforms for Girls

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Are you ready for back to school? We have about 2 weeks left, since the school calendar has been moved up earlier so that it ends by Memorial Day.

This means for me that I have to start preparing now for back to school shopping.


My oldest children wear uniforms, so I am always looking for quality clothing that will last throughout the school year. That’s why I was happy to see Gymboree’s back to school line.

Gymboree carries the traditional uniform colors of navy, blue, red, and white. I like to buy different types of clothes to give my children variety since they already have to wear the “same” clothes daily.

My shopping list consists of shirts, shorts, and pants. My daughters like to play (jump, monkey bars, flip) at recess so we don’t buy many dresses. I do like to have a uniform dress or two in the closet for their school award ceremonies.

Here are a few of our favorites:



One of my favorite back to school shopping tips is to buy things when they aren’t in season. I don’t like to scramble around if the weather changes so even though it’s 100+ degrees now, I will also buy some uniform pants.

This year my oldest two will be in 3rd and 1st grade. They are so excited to be getting bigger. Since my daughter is 8, we have been talking about goal-setting. I want her to start having goals to focus on, so she doesn’t get sucked into peer pressure (and focus on negative things).

Here are some of her #KidGoals:

* Learn multiplication facts by heart (we have been practicing all summer so she can be confident when school starts)

* Read simple books in Spanish (our second language)

* Play on a soccer team

What are your favorites from Gymboree’s Back to School line? Share below.