Best School Uniforms for Girls

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Are you ready for back to school? We have about 2 weeks left, since the school calendar has been moved up earlier so that it ends by Memorial Day.

This means for me that I have to start preparing now for back to school shopping.


My oldest children wear uniforms, so I am always looking for quality clothing that will last throughout the school year. That’s why I was happy to see Gymboree’s back to school line.

Gymboree carries the traditional uniform colors of navy, blue, red, and white. I like to buy different types of clothes to give my children variety since they already have to wear the “same” clothes daily.

My shopping list consists of shirts, shorts, and pants. My daughters like to play (jump, monkey bars, flip) at recess so we don’t buy many dresses. I do like to have a uniform dress or two in the closet for their school award ceremonies.

Here are a few of our favorites:



One of my favorite back to school shopping tips is to buy things when they aren’t in season. I don’t like to scramble around if the weather changes so even though it’s 100+ degrees now, I will also buy some uniform pants.

This year my oldest two will be in 3rd and 1st grade. They are so excited to be getting bigger. Since my daughter is 8, we have been talking about goal-setting. I want her to start having goals to focus on, so she doesn’t get sucked into peer pressure (and focus on negative things).

Here are some of her #KidGoals:

* Learn multiplication facts by heart (we have been practicing all summer so she can be confident when school starts)

* Read simple books in Spanish (our second language)

* Play on a soccer team

What are your favorites from Gymboree’s Back to School line? Share below.

How to Earn an Extra $1000 month with Passive Income

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Wow, she makes over $1000 a month with passive income as a stay at home mom! This is amazing, that i can do this simple side hustle and work at home. pinning for later.


There is a lot of talk online about passive income. Passive income is the dream in which you are constantly getting paid without having to do any additional work. I personally wanted to create passive income so that I could be a stay at home mom with my four children, but also be able to live comfortably. I still wanted to be able to take vacations, buy my children nice things, pay off debt, and save without worry.  But how exactly can you create passive income? Although I do have a blog and am a distributor for weight loss products, I also wanted to create my own passive income stream.

One of the ways that I create passive income is by selling educational resources (printables and lessons) on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT).

TPT is an online marketplace where teachers (and others) create and sell quality educational products and get paid for it monthly!

But what also is great is that you can get started for FREE! This is what I did until I began to make money from my store. You can go here to visit my store Teacher Helper Kits.

Here are some questions that I constantly get about TPT:

How much can you earn?

Well, earnings depend on a number of things, so I can’t guarantee you any set of income. However, if you have quality products, and you promote them (on Pinterest), you will be able to earn passive income each month.

I'm going to share with you a month of TPT earnings. No one really does this, but I just want you to know what is possible. This was in my first year when I had way less products than I have now. I am nowhere near the biggest seller on TPT at all. Here is a screenshot of one month of earnings:


This is extra money for my family. Mostly I use this for online shopping, unexpected expenses, and paying off debts. Imagine even if you earned an extra $500 how that would help your family.


Why do I love Teachers Pay Teachers?

I get to create a product ONCE, and it sells forever (or until I take it down). Unlike a blog, I am not writing a post weekly or doing anything else. I may pin it on my Pinterest account but that's about it. Some people write blog posts or share it as well on Instagram. Also there are millions of teachers and parents already looking for these products. This means there is already a market for learning resources.

There’s a lot of sellers on TPT, how can I get my resources seen?

Well, Pinterest is your best friend. But honestly it doesn’t matter. Just because someone else is doing something doesn’t mean that you can’t figure out how to do it as well.

As an educator with over 10 years of experience, the subject matter might not change as much, but the way that I deliver it does. Teachers are always looking for new and creative ways to teach subjects so that their students won’t be bored. Also, teachers have to go over a lesson multiple times to get a student to understand something, so there is no I taught it once and its over. I might teach the same concept for a month, then continuously review it for the rest of the school year.

There are always educational trends (think STEM or Growth Mindset), that then requires teachers to find new lessons to teach the new concept.

Why do teachers use TPT?

Well first a lot of textbooks are outdated and not as engaging. Sometimes the district textbooks don’t even align with the state standards. Some school districts are even getting rid of textbooks but teachers still have to figure out how they will teach their students. That is why TPT is so important for teachers.

Do I need to be a teacher?

No, there are all sorts of people on TPT. Teachers, principals, counselors, moms, artists; basically anyone creative that can make quality products. Oh, and now that there is video on TPT, there are also musicians that make learning videos and they do really well!

Does it cost to start?

No, TPT has a basic plan and once you start earning money you can switch to the Premium plan. The premium plan is $59.95/year and TPT only takes 15% of the sale with no transaction fees. On the Basic plan it is free, and you earn 60% of your earnings. TPT takes the other 40% + .30 cents transaction fee. As soon as you start making money, upgrade to the Premium Plan to earn more of your sale and get rid of the transaction fees.

How do I get the clipart?

There is free clipart on TPT that you can use. All clipart is not the same quality and you do have to be aware of the terms of use. In my resource, I will show you how to get the best clipart and how to use it for your products.

What programs do I need?

Powerpoint, which is already on your computer and Adobe Acrobat. If you have a Mac, you can use Pages.

What types of things can I sell?

Worksheets/printables, classroom décor, clipart, videos, songs…any type of educational material. Some people even make games and anchor charts that they create and sell as a “hard good”. I personally don’t create or sell hard goods, only because I like the ease of use of digital products.

How much time do I have to spend on TPT?

In the beginning while building your store, you might spend more time on making products.

However, keep in mind that you are creating passive income, so you only have to make it once and continue to sell it. There are no rules on how many products you need in your store, some people only have 25 products and make more money than someone who has 200. It depends on the quality, timeliness, and relevance of your product.

I started my store with 4 children under 5, working full-time as a teacher, and still was able to make products for my store.

How do I get started?

Go here and sign up. (This is my affiliate link. If you sign up, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. I will also give you a discount on my resource that will show you how to begin earning money on TPT right away.)

Create your store name. If you have a blog you might want to have the same name, but it is not necessary.

You must first upload a free product before you get started selling.

If you don’t know how to create printables, I have created a course that will walk you step by step through the process. My resource will also show you what products to make that sells quickly!

If you are serious about creating real passive income for your family I suggest starting a Teachers Pay Teachers store. Create a product once, and sell it continuously in a marketplace where people are already looking for the products.

Click here to learn more and get a 50% discount on my course!

*Once you purchase, I will send you a special link to access the course within 48 hours.

10 Must Try Ways to Use Emu Oil

Have you heard of the new skincare trend that’s been going around? Emu oil is oil derived from the actual emu bird and is useful and beneficial for humans. Emu oil has been used for thousands of years by natives in Australia. Unlike some other herbal remedies, Emu oil has been studied for its uses and benefits. Some doctors have even started to recommend emu oil due to its extensive benefits.



Here are 10 uses of Emu Oil (and the benefits):

1.     Hair Growth

Postpartum shedding is real! I don’t know why shedding is a part of postpartum, but it is one of the effects that I wish I could avoid. I use Emu Oil to help grow my hair

Emu Oil contains Vitamin E which not only helps with hair growth, but also with nails.

2.     Skincare

Do you have problems with exceza, psoriaris, or acne spots? Because emu oil has similar fat lipids that is found in our skin, emu oil it absorbs into the skin easily. Use emu oil by smoothing it into the skin to improve your skin. Since emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to reduce swelling. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, burns, and wrinkles.

3.     Relief from Aches and Pains

Emu Oil is also good for relief from aches and pains. Many people have noticed benefits of using emu oil for pain.

4.     Makeup Remover

Emu Oil is a natural way to remove makeup and improve your skin’s appearance.

5.     Acne Treatment

Do you struggle with acne or have acne scars? Emu oil can be used to help reduce the appearance of acne scars and minimize acne.

6.   Breastfeeding Pain Relief

If you have twins like I did, or one super hungry child, you know how painful breastfeeding can be sometimes. Emu oil can be applied to relieve painful, dry, and cracked nipples from breastfeeding.

7.     Dry Skin

Emu oil naturally contains vitamin E which can help to soften hands, smooth rough elbows, knees and heels. Emu oil can also be used to improve dry skin by reducing the itching and flakiness.

8.     Muscle Cramp Relief

Emu oil can be used to relieve muscle cramps as well.

9.  Chapped Lips

Use a small amount of emu oil to relieve dry and chapped lips.

10.  Dandruff

If you have trouble with dandruff, emu oil has been known to clear up dandruff.

These are just some of the most popular uses for emu oil. There are so many more benefits of using Emu Oil.

When buying emu oil, make sure it is 100% emu oil and certified. Also look for Emu Oil that is certified. I use Iaso Oil, which is 100% AAE Certified Emu Oil.

How to Use:

Emu oil can be used topically as needed. Although emu oil is hypoallergenic, and is good for sensitive skin since it is biologically similar to human skin; you can always try a small amount to make sure it is compatible with your skin type.

Where to Buy:

Iaso Oil is 100% Emu Oil. You can buy it HERE.


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information is NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and are not intended as medical advice. This website makes no medical claims.

How to Get Paid to Lose Weight

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I decided to write this post because I am frequently asked about how I was able to lose weight and earn money for it! I wanted to share with you my journey to weight loss and better health and how you can start earning money in a few minutes!

The Story

After the birth of my twins I suffered from postpartum depression. Not only did I have a rough pregnancy which included bedrest from week 20 until week 36, but it was also a super emotional journey for my family. I still had two “older” (3 &5 year old children) to take care of and to suddenly go from a two-income household to one income was a big strain. My twins also had colic, we had no family support, so let’s just say that times were tough!

After staying home for a year, I knew that I needed to get out of the house to regain my sanity and start contributing financially, so I started working outside of the home. Although work was ok, it was a constant source of embarrassment that people would ask me “when I was due”, when I wasn’t even pregnant! I knew that I had to lose the weight somehow so I started looking into ways that could jumpstart my weight loss.

I found out about Iaso tea through a friend, who told me she lost 5 pounds in 5 days! After I tried it for myself and saw the pounds dropping, I was hooked.  All I have to do is drink tea and it helps me lose weight?! But when I found out that I could refer people to the product, and earn money I signed up immediately.

Because let’s face it, once you lose weight, everyone will ask you how. Why not get paid for referring people to a product that helped you?

So I joined Total Life Changes. Not only does Total Life Changes (TLC) have weight loss products, but they actually have a complete line of health and wellness products.

The Compensation

TLC is my first ever direct sales company that I joined. One of the things that scared me away from ever joining a company is the poor compensation. Some companies only pay 10-20% per sale. With TLC there are 5 different ways to get paid. Total Life Changes offers the #1 Compensation plan in the industry!

But the first and easiest is through retail sales. Every time someone goes to your free, professionally designed website, you earn 50% of the volume. Yes, 50%! So for example on a one month supply of Iaso tea $49.95, you will earn $20. After you get started we will go over all of the ways to get paid.

TLC also pays out weekly! You can either get a paper check mailed to you, or sign up for a debit card that automatically loads your earnings onto it.

My friend and business partner earned over $100,000 in less than 10 months from TLC! She works with me and all my teammates to help us succeed.

How I Earn Money:

Since we often go out throughout the day to run errands, go to storytime, or even the playground, I always run into other moms. In everyday conversation with other moms one thing that always pops up is “losing the baby weight". I then tell them about the tea and give them a link to my website. It’s that simple.

I love the fact that I am now able to contribute to my household, and stay at home with my twins. I also get to volunteer at my older children’s school, attend their awards ceremonies, and just have time to be present without thinking about work the next day. I don’t have to feel guilty about being at home when I am also earning money at the same time.

But not only are there weight loss products, TLC also offers all-natural energy supplements (because every mom can use extra energy), hair, skin, & nail vitamins, skincare products, essential oils, and more. So regardless of the health issue, TLC probably has a product to help with it.

What are the costs?

You can get started for only $85 and make the money right back!

When you first sign up, you will have to purchase the Business Starter Kit ($35) + one product.

I recommend purchasing the 5-pack of tea ($49.95).

Why 5 packs?

First, you drink a pack of tea so that way you can see how the product works for yourself and so that you can achieve your weight loss goals. The other 4 are to have on hand to sell once you start seeing your results and telling people about the products.

Each tea retails for $20 a pack, so 4 teas * 20= $80.

You just made your initial investment back!

Now you have 4 customers who will be ready to go back to your website to purchase more tea, and you also have lost weight and can be your own product spokesmodel.

Each month to stay active for commissions you must place an order of 40 qualifying volume. If you don't buy anything for that month, you won't be active for commissions. At any time you can place an order to get back into a commission earning status.

I personally order a 5-pack of tea each month @ $49.95 and resell them (5 *20= $100, so I make about $50 per month back on my monthly order).

I also earn about $2,000 a month from my website. You can get paid everytime someone places an order or joins your team. You can also earn commissions once you reach a certain level of a lifestyle bonus, match pay, and group volume.

It’s also good to have products on hand since many people don’t like to wait and want the products now!

If you are ready to start losing weight and making money follow the steps below. If you have any more questions, email me at mommymyteacher at so that I can answer them.

How to Sign Up:

1.      Go to

2.      Click JOIN at the top

3.      Choose Join as a Representative (this is how you will be able to get your commissions & get your free website)

4.      You will get the Business Starter Kit & choose one product of your choice ( I recommend the 5- pack of Iaso tea)

5.      Continue to checkout

6.      When you have joined, email me with your IBO# so I can give you personalized advice on how to get started earning money quickly!

You will be on my team and I will give you coaching and advice to help you succeed without bothering family and friends. I have people asking me to be on my team and we all work together to achieve our goals.

I am not making any income claims, since everyone's motivation and work ethic is different. However if you are willing to do the work, the weight loss/wellness industry is one of the largest and is something people are always willing to pay for.

I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals of weight loss and help you earn extra income for your family!

Do you have any other questions about becoming a TLC distributor? Send me an email at mommymyteacher at

How to Get Free Stuff for Your Homeschool

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So you may have seen the blogs, pinterest boards, and beautiful Instagram pages of moms homeschooling or teaching their children. Some rooms rival any classroom in a school setting, they are fully decorated and stocked. But how do you go about getting all the resouces, materials, games, and books for your children on a budget?

Here are some ways that I use to help fund my homeschool budget that doesn’t come from our main income sources. This way I can buy guilt-free knowing I earned money specifically for my homeschool.

Sidenote: When I taught in a public school people don’t realize that teachers literally come into an empty room just with chairs and a desk.  Only after spending my OWN money is it fully decorated and a fun place for students. So everything teachers have in their classroom either they bought it or made it, there is no decorating budget for teachers. But I digress.

Here are the ways that I fund my homeschool/learning expenses for my children:



Ok, honestly I heard about Swagbucks long time ago. I never signed up, thought it was too good to be true, and all that. But I love Swagbucks. Basically you complete tasks online (and they have an app as well) and earn points. The points can then be used to get gift cards from our (notice I said our since I believe these are everyone's favorite stores, LOL) favorite stores: Amazon, Target, Walmart or even turn into cash through Paypal.

All I do is put the videos on throughout the day in a new window and rack up points. The cool thing is that the videos will autoplay to the next playlist so you don't have to keep checking it. You can also open two windows at once, or use another computer at the same time to earn points even faster.

Then when I need things for my homeschool expenses I use my free gift card I received from Swagbucks. You can also take surveys for more points, but even if you don’t that the video points will eventually add up. They give you bonus points when you refer friends and family, so this a super easy way to earn free gift cards.

Sign up for Swagbucks here and start earning today.



Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates is an online rebate site that gives you cash back for shopping online. So before you hit purchase, go through ebates. You will get money back on purchases you were going to make anyways.  Ebates also gives you credit for referrals, so tell people you know about it. Most of us do a lot of shopping online, so we might as well get some money back from it.

Sign up for Ebates here and get a free $10 giftcard today.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Homeschooling does not have to be expensive. I’ve found that some of the best toys and learning materials are things we already have in our home. My husband also loves to make toys out of random things such as pet rocks and cardboard. But especially when you are just starting out, there are things that you will need. Try these ways to fund your homeschool and make it a memorable and pleasure experience for you and your children.

Be creative and have fun, remember you are your child’s first teacher!

How I Lost Over 50 Pounds Fast

I’m going to be honest, after my twins I was big. Huge. Enormous. I had gained 50+ pounds, I did have 2 babies, and they were healthy sizes. They weighed in at 6.5 pounds each, so I was truly carrying 13 pounds worth of baby! Not to mention I was on bedrest for 5 months, so all I did was lay on the couch and eat and drink Protein shakes (they tasted great by the way).

Anyways, after the twins were here I wanted to get rid of all that extra weight. And fast. So here are the tips I have to lose weight after my twin pregnancy:

1.      Breastfeeding

Everyone has their own personal choice, but for our family breastfeeding was best. But not only is it good, natural, and free…it also helps you burn a lot of calories. Feeding two hungry infants, often at the same time, helped me lose some of my weight.


2.      Wrapping my stomach

After all of my pregnancies (I have 4 children), I always wrap my stomach. You can use this wrap here that is very cheap or if you want a more effective wrap use the SlimR wrap. The SlimR wrap and cream helps to tone that excess skin and lose inches off your midsection quickly.

Benefits of the SlimR Wrap:

  • Smoothes Skin
  • Evens skin tone
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Minimizes Stretch Marks (Yes and Yes!)

I always immediately wrap my stomach and keep the wrap on all day, except when bathing. Wrapping your stomach helps to put your uterus back in place as well.

3.      Drinking Tea


Yup, drinking tea! Iaso tea is a natural tea that helps you lose weight quickly. You can lose up to 5 pounds in 5 days. I really like that it is all-natural, organic, and has no caffeine. I did not drink the tea while I was nursing only because it has herbs in it. After I finished nursing, on my twin's first birthday, I started the tea. It is very simple to prepare, and there is also an instant version. My favorite thing about the Iaso tea is unlike other teas, it is safe enough to drink every day. So now, to get rid of the bloating I drink Iaso tea as well.


Ordering Instructions:

To order the SlimR wrap or the Iaso tea here are the steps:

Click here to go to the shop:

Click I am a new customer.

The customer id should already be in or type: 8625131

Select your shipping country.

All of the products will be shown and simply choose your product or:

For the SlimR wrap choose Skincare.

For the Iaso tea choose One Tiime Orders.

5 Reasons Every Mom Needs Amazon Prime

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Ok, so I know you know that Amazon Prime offers FREE two-day shipping. Great for those times when you don’t feel like searching, or you need the exact Arctic animals for a habitat project (that’s due in 3 days) and is sold out everywhere in your town but you forgot…

But what else is Amazon Prime good for? Here are the top reasons why I love Amazon Prime! Guess what? You can get a free 30-day trial right now by clicking on the picture.

1. Amazon Prime Video

We don’t have a television in our home, at all! When my children do get “screen time”, I go right to Amazon Prime. It is much cheaper than paying a cable bill. My 3 year-old twins love to watch Sesame Street, Go Diego, Daniel Tiger, and all of their other PBS shows. While my 6 & 7 year-olds can watch Martha Speaks, Wellewishers, and Wild Kratts. In the event I actually do get a “date night” with my husband, we can watch tons of new movies as well.


2. Amazon Prime Music

In our home, music is constantly playing. I dislike the radio because nowadays they can say just about any word! Amazon Prime Music lets you search for artists or albums and they have tons of music-even current releases! There is also an app that you can put on your phone and play through your Bluetooth in the car, at the park, etc. Liven up your kid’s party with Kidz Bop or play your preschoolers favorite songs with the Road Tripping With Kids playlist. There are also fun cooking songs that I play when we have our lunch.


3. Kindle Books

Even if you don’t own a Kindle, you can get Kindle books with your Prime membership. This is great if you want to try before you buy, or if you’re trying to be more minimalist. Kindle even offers children’s books to borrow. My oldest has borrowed The Magic Tree House books when they weren’t available at our local library. The Kindle app works on many smartphones and tablets, so anyone can use it no matter the device.


4. Prime Day

Amazon has a huge sale, usually in July, called Prime Day! This sale is only available for Prime members and is somewhat like the Black Friday of the summer. I like this sale since it’s a great way to get discounts on upcoming birthday gifts. Personally, I try to find a few discounted toys or baby items in the linen closet, so I’m always prepared for an impromptu invite to a birthday or babyshower.


5. Shipping

I have to talk about shipping. With Amazon, if your order doesn’t meet a certain minimum then you will be charged a shipping cost. The great thing about Amazon Prime is that you don’t have to worry about order minimums. That means you can even order a pack of hair rubberbands and get free shipping.


All in all, for a FREE 30-day trial, you should try it and see if you like it. You might end up cutting your cable bill and saving money, or finally being able to read that new book you wanted through Kindle. When I was on bedrest, Amazon was a lifesaver for me. I could still shop for all the baby items I needed for my twins, while lying on the couch. Plus with my free, two-day shipping, everything came quickly.