How to Homeschool Your Preschooler for Less than $100

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Are you getting ready to homeschool your preschooler? With so many curriculum choices, learning styles, and Pinterest ideas; it might be hard to decide on what exactly you are going to do with your preschooler at home.

In my post, 4 easy steps to homeschooling your preschooler, I talked about the basics of what your homeschool might look like.

This year I will be homeschooling my twin 4 year olds starting in August.

wow, I love this preschool homeschool curriculum on a budget! This is great for preschool activities at home.


One thing that I did not want to do was to spend time on the Internet searching for quality printables that actually taught the skills needed for my children to get ready for kindergarten. Although there are a lot of “cute” printables, they aren’t actually functional.  So I created my own flexible preschool curriculum.

Here are my low cost curriculum choices for homeschooling my preschooler:


Since my twins can read, we will be focusing on more in-depth skills. Learn to Read is a complete reading curriculum that includes 6 full units, and each unit focuses on a specific word family. Each unit includes 4 lessons that last five days each. Each lesson has 25 or more activities that focus on the word family.

Learn to Read is a great resource for children who already know letter sounds, and some sight words, since they will be combining the sounds to actually read. Learn to Read teaches beginning readers how to read and spell through common word families, sight words, and short vowel sounds.

I will be using the entire bundle, since I plan on continuing it through the summer. The bundle also saves you $12, than buying each unit separately.

However, if you are on a budget, each individual unit is available for purchase as well. I think that you could go through at least 3 units comfortably through the school year, and your child will still be well prepared for kindergarten.

If your child is not ready for Learn to Read, Reading the Alphabet is a simple curriculum to use to teach letter sounds and some sight words. It is free or $12 (for a complete download with tons of bonus activities)


Our preschool math curriculum will consist of all of the kindergarten readiness skills needed for kindergarten, as well as fun activities from KinderStar and my preschool curriculum.

Preschool math is very hands on and includes skills such as counting up to 20, which I will be using grid games to practice. In Preschool Star, there are created 2 grid games for each unit to practice counting up to 10, and up to 20. Grid games are great independent practice once your child knows how to count.

I have also included number recognition and tens frame practice in my preschool curriculum.

Science & Social Studies:

We will be doing thematic preschool units so Science & Social Studies will be incorporated into our weekly book choices, printables, and activities for each unit. For example, in the Apples unit, we did a fun experiment where we saw the effects of liquid on apples.


Handwriting and fine motor skills practice are also included in the preschool curriculum. Before kindergarten, preschoolers should be able to write their first and last name. A great way to practice is when you are doing work with your child, start requiring them to write their first name on their paper. Once they are comfortable, you can start teaching them their last name.

Kindergarten Readiness Skills:

There are so many other skills that children need for school such as social skills, emotional skills, and practical skills. In my KinderStar course, I include a 90+ page Parent Activity Guide that includes activities to practice each of these skills.

Printables Images.jpg

My Complete Curriculum Plan

Learn to Read $48 (also available in individual units for $10 each)

Preschool Star- 20 Printable Theme Units $35

KinderStar- Kindergarten Readiness Skills $27


I usually get all of my homeschool resources for free using Swagbucks. Since I am trying to be more minimalist and we will be moving soon, I won’t buy as many books and instead check them out from the library. Be sure to reserve your library books at least a week in advance, so that way you will be prepared for the next unit.

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On my preschool curriculum page, each theme has a list of suggested books to read during the unit. Those are just a few of the books, but of course you can read more. We usually read at least one book a day.

With my Swagbucks gift cards I purchased:

Folders (1 for each child)

Backpacks (when we go to storytime & crafts they can put their “work” in them)

Washable Paints

Smocks (these are a necessity!)

Playdough (because for some reason there is never enough)

Alphabet Stamps

Throughout the school year I will also get what is needed for each theme as I earn more Swagbucks.

Remember, homeschooling your preschooler does not have to be expensive. Be creative and think of ways to cut the costs. The most important thing to remember is to teach your child the skills he needs to excel in kindergarten.

What will you be using for your preschool homeschool curriculum? Let me know in the comments below.

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