9 Must Do Pumpkin Theme Preschool Activities

Here are 9 fun Pumpkins theme activities for your Preschool Unit:

Wow, I love these fun pumpkin preschool activities! They are great for preschool homeschool and preschool activities at home!

1. Pumpkin Seed Transfer (Childcare Land)

Pumpkin seeds are easy to get, and are the perfect size for counting and fine motor activities. Use the pumpkin seeds and tongs to transfer them from one container to the other. After your child transfers the seeds, you can practice counting the seeds out. Using tongs allows your child to improve their fine motor skills which helps make writing more easier. Go here to read more.

2. Pumpkin Scented Moon Sand (Parenting Chaos)

Everything in the fall it seems smells like pumpkin. Why not create moon sand for your child that smells like pumpkin as well?  Another great thing about this recipe is that it is "taste safe", so if your child tries some, it is ok. Go here to read these simple directions.

3. Pumpkin Volcano Science (The Resourceful Mama)

This simple science activity gives children a sensory play experience as well. Using products that you probably already have in your home, your children can see what happens when the materials combine together to "erupt". Go here to get the complete instructions.

Vocabulary words to introduce: mix, fizz, erupt, solid, liquid

4. Pumpkin Science Craft (A Little Pinch of Perfect)

This craft activity teaches young children about what is on the inside of a pumpkin. First you can read a book about how pumpkins grow, then complete the craft. It is also good when you are finished to have your child compare their craft to a real pumpkin. Go here to get the directions.

Vocabulary words to introduce: life cycle, stem, plant, seeds

5. Marble Painting Pumpkins (Paper and Glue)

This is a new spin on painting-and less messy as well! I like that this project is contained in a box, which helps to control where the paint goes. Your child will love to "paint" with the marbles and practice control to see how much they can fill up their pumpkin. Go here to see the complete activity.

6. Pumpkin Process Art (Pre-K Pages)

This activity only requires the top of a pumpkin and paint. This is an open-ended art activity that gives young children the freedom to explore and create. Go here to get the simple directions.

7. Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt (Life Over C's)

There are pumpkin patches all over the place in October, so if you can, it would be a great and easy field trip for your child. Use this scavenger hunt sheet to have your child search for items in the pumpkin patch. This activity is a great time to practice and use new vocabulary words. Go here to print it out.

8. Pumpkin Decorating with Washi Tape (The Educator's Spin On It)

This is a simple no-prep activity (my favorite kind)! Give your child a small pumpkin, and strips of tape, and let them cover the pumpkin with the washi tape. I love the simplicity of this project and it is a good quiet activity. Go here to read more.

9. Colored Pumpkin Seeds (Childcare Land)

This activity can be used in multiple ways. Practice color recognition and sorting after coloring the pumpkin seeds, then use the seeds to create a colorful art project. Go here to watch a video on how to do it.

You can get the printable pack here or save and get the entire Preschool Curriculum!

Wow, I love these fun pumpkin preschool printables! They are great for preschool homeschool and preschool activities at home!


What other activities do you have planned for your unit? Let me know in the comments below!

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